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ATELIER D ARCHITETTURA is a German-Italian office for architecture and interior design. Our business activities comprise all work phases of HOAI.

We develop creative solutions and aesthetically superior architecture in discussion with our clients about their ideas and wishes as well as focussing on a respectful handling of existing basic structures of buildings so that the requirement of both the client and the locality are met.

Clear forms and materials together with accurate itemisation and workmanship appropriate for the material involved provide the base for the use of our architecture.

1968 born in Bergamo, Italy

1990-1991 studies civil engineering at Universitá deglli Studi di Pavia
1992-1999 studies architecture at Istituto Universitario di Architettura Venezia, Politecnico di Milano and BTU Cottbus
1998 diploma in architecture (with Prof. W. Schuster), BTU Cottbus
1999 diploma in architecture (with Prof. Dott.Arch. M. Vogliazzo), Politecnico di Milano

1988-2004 freelance work in different architectural offices
2000 founding of ATELIER D ARCHITETTURA in Berlin
2007 founding of OFFICINA TERRITORIALE E SOCIALE with Prof. Silvano Custoza and Dipl.-Ing. Heike Övermann in Berlin and Milan
2007 teaching at Politecnico di Milano at Master Paesaggi Straordinari
2008 teaching at NABA (Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti di Milano)

1975 born in Dresden, Germany

1994-2001 studies architecture at BTU Cottbus and freelance work in different architectural offices
2001 diploma in architecture (Prof. W. Schuster), BTU Cottbus
2002-2003 studies philosophy and history of art at TU Dresden

2003-2005 freelance work at G.N.b.h. Architects Dresden
since 2006 research assistant at LS Grundlagen der Gestaltung at TU Dresden
since 2006 freelance work for ATELIER D ARCHITETTURA in Berlin